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Underwater 360Video
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Everything you Need to Create HD 360 Video

360Rize is excited to announce A Complete Kit to making Crystal Clear HD 360 video

From the ease of use, portability and most importantly the amazing price point, this Underwater VR 360 camera housing and rig was designed specifically for the consumer/pro-sumer.  With the ability to shoot up to 4k 360 degree video and 6K 360 images means anyone from divers, snorkelers, fisherman and even swimmers can use this underwater rig!

The SeaDAK360 has a depth rating of 130 feet (we know it will go to 230ft without a problem) (see SeaDAK under pressure video below), professionals, prosumers and consumers can all experience filming underwater 360 video.

360Rize® has created a kit for around $2,500 that includes just about everything you will need to get started!

Key Features of the 360Rize® SeaDAK Underwater Rig (patent pending)

  1. Houses two KODAK® PIXPRO SP360 4K or action cameras
  2. Captures fully spherical 360 x 180 degree videos and photos underwater
  3. 360 video output resolutions up to 6K (6,000 X 3,000)
  4. Depth rating of 130 feet however we know it can go to 230ft without a problem. (See SeaDAK under pressure below)
  5. External controls for turning cameras on/off and to start/stop recording
  6. Multiple 3/8″ and 1/4″-20 threaded mounting points for camera pole, ROV, dive scooter, and submarine mounting
  7. Ability to film seamless 360 video both above and underwater

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RAW 6K 360 Photo Example


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360Rize SeaDAK Sharks In Yap (800x400)

RAW 4K 360 Video Examples

Example of RAW 4K 360 Video from SeaDAK (Untouched)

Please Note: This footage can be used to present the quality of SeaDAK footage ONLY!  The footage and its contents is copyrighted by Macdonald Productions.   If you wish to license this content please contact our Support Center.

When using the SeaDAK housing the image quality is crystal clear because we have matched the domes to the Kodak PIXPRO lenses for allow for full view underwater 220 degrees field of view.

The Images shown to the rights are the RAW sample videos directly from each camera.  You can download these files for direct viewing.

100_0005-Copyright-MacDonald-Productions.MP4 (Est. 936 Megs)

104_0005-Copyright-MacDonald-Productions.MP4 (Est 920 Megs)

This video was created using the included stitching software and is the direct output from the software and cameras.   The output resolutions is 4K and ready to be viewed on a PC Desktop, Mac, HMD (Head Mounted Display) or mobile device.

SeaDAK-Filming-Yap-Copyright-MacDonald-Productions.mp4 (Est 173 Megs)

360Rize SeaDAK RAW Image File 1

360Rize SeaDAK RAW Image File 2

360Rize SeaDAK RAW Image File 3

Step-by-Step Users Guide for the SeaDAK

We have built a simple Step-by-Step users guide showing the diver how to hold the camera, dive with the camera, using the software and much more.  We wish to make it easy for you to get the best HD 360 video contant.

360 SeaDAK V1 Operations Guide

360Rize 360SeaDAK Manual

Galapagos Sharks Cocos Islands

YouTube 360 Video Example in 6K

whats included with the SeaDAK

How well does it work under pressure?

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