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360RIZE Video Productions does far more than produce 360 video.  We also produce the tools necessary to improve the way 360 video and virtual reality is made. Users have unprecedented access to the latest technology in 360 video camera systems. Furthermore they have access to  control systems, software and techniques.  This kind of access pushes production capabilities to the next level.

360RIZE Video Production Projects

TIME Magazine’s “Deep Dive


TIME LogoDuring the summer of 2014, 360Heros collaborated with TIME Magazine for a massive 360 video project.  The goal was to offer an immersive look at Mission 31. Otherwise known as Fabien Cousteau’s underwater research facility in the Florida Keys.  Cousteau’s facility is the only aquatic research facility of its kind.  This presented an opportunity to tell his amazing story.  Additionally, Cousteau’s accomplishments as an oceanographer made this story that much more momentous.

Time Magazine 360 video

TIME’s Senior Editor Jonathan Woods captured this 360 video experience.  Woods accompanied the Mission 31 divers using 360Rize’s first generation Scuba Gear, the H3SCUBAH6.  The Mission 31 team learned how to operate the gear and capture the 360 content.  Afterwards this content was  presented using 360Heros interactive 360 video player and hosting technology. The team created an interactive 360 degree tour of Cousteau’s latest research facility. This tour now serves as an innovative, one of a kind piece of narrative journalism.

Beck “Hello, Again” 360

In 2013, 360Heros collaborated with @RadicalMedia, Hudson Rouge and Director Chris Milk to produce Beck’s “Hello, Again”. This production was an interactive 360 audiovisual experience sponsored by Lincoln.  Moreover, this production was unlike anything previously attempted.  Beck’s goal was to integrate 360 video and binaural 360 sound to present his re-imagining of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision“.

The filming of the panoramic video was captured using multiple 360H6 models and multiple H3Pro6 Plug-N-Play Holders.  Audio was recorded by using a specialized Binaural Microphone. 3Dio created the microphone to record sound from every direction. The end product was an interactive panoramic video and accompanying stereoscopic sound.  This content notably allowed viewers (and listeners) to take control and dictate the angle at which they viewed the performance.  Featured by WIRED, The Verge and Fast Company, the project won 7 Webby Awards.  This project stands as a pioneering endeavor for interactive media into the music industry.

VISA 360Cam App

VISAIn 2014, VISA also sought to utilize 360 video technology to achieve an all new perspective. The plan was to show the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi from the perspective of the athletes.  This unique video content captured athletes as they trained for the Olympic games.  The result featured the delivery of this experience to a global audience.

The various models of 360Heros gear was mounted to athletes.  Among the hardware was the 360H6, H3Pro6N helmet mount, and the equally important H3Pro6.  The content was then stitched and presented utilizing 360Heros mobile 360 video player technology.  The final product was the VISA 360Cam App.  The 360Cam App consisted of an application that functions with a mobile device’s gyro sensor and accelerometer.  This function accommodated interactive navigation.  The app received over 300,000 in the first 30 days following its release.  Furthermore the app was a featured app on the front page of the iTunes store.  The app was downloaded by users in over 100 different countries.

Our Customer’s Work

Mountain Dew VR Skate Experience

fb_logoNew York based creative agency Firstborn partnered with Mountain Dew to create the Dew VR Skate Experience.  This experience featured virtual reality footage that debuted at various Mountain Dew Skate events across the country.  This project created a 3D 360 video experience. Footage would allow event attendees to see what it’s like to skate with the pros.

 Renowned skate filmmaker Ty Evans employed the 360Heros 3DH3Pro12 and binaural audio equipment.  Ty captured 3D 360 video content  for playback via the Oculus Rift.  Firstborn’s team stitched content , and then optimized it using custom software.  Firstborn’s team developed software for stereoscopic presentation within the Oculus Rift DK2.  More than 800 Dew Tour attendees viewed the final installation  during the first two days of its launch.  Footage captured offered the chance to virtually skate along the ‘Vegas strip from a first-person perspective. Given the project’s innovative nature and high profile brand partner, it is no surprise that it was featured in Ad Age, Fast Company and Adweek.

Polar Sea 360

Deep Inc. LogoIn November of 2014, Deep Inc. in association with Primitive Entertainment announced an ambitious multi-platform interactive documentary experience. The experience was justly named the Polar Sea.  The project’s mission was to tell the story of the Northwest Passage.  Storytelling used a combination of traditional broadcast film-making, interactive 360º video and virtual reality elements.  In order to accomplish this, Deep Inc. founder Thomas Wallner and his team utilized 360 video technology. Wallner  to add a new level of immersion beyond that offered by a typical documentary.


To capture the 360° elements of this project, Deep Inc. utilized a combination of the H3Pro6 and the H3Pro6N.  These units were mounted on a variety of vehicles and vessels including a drone, a helicopter, as well as large ships, in order to capture panoramic views of the Arctic.

The Result:  The final production offers viewers a “multi-platform 10-hour journey” that consisted of four main elements:

The Polar Sea 360 App is available for iOS and Android.
The Polar Sea 360 App is available for iOS and Android.

1. Polar Sea 360 – A web-based 360-degree documentary.
2. The Polar Sea 360 App available for both iOS and Android.
3.The Polar Sea – a ten-episode television series collectively structured to follow a journey through the Northwest Passage while telling the grand story of the Arctic’s transformation.  The series premiered in Canada on TVO and on ARTE in Germany and France.
4. polarsea360.com
– an extensive online magazine that expands on the series and features more than a hundred contributions from adventurers, scientist, artists and locals living and traveling along the Northwest Passage.

The Polar Sea App

The Polar Sea 360 and the Polar Sea App exist alongside a ten-part documentary series.  The app features a VR mode that allows users to experience the short films via Cardboard VR viewers.  Downloadable elements displayed with the Oculus Rift complete the list of viewing mediums for what may be the world’s most diverse documentary experience.


360Rize Toolkit

6, 7, 10, 14 and 24 Camera Systems Are Available In Any Combination
The most versatile line-up of any 360 video production equipment on the planet, ready for any scenario from multiple vantage points.a selection of 360 video camera holders from 360RIZE360Rize Works Magic More Than Anybody Else

Blackmagic multi-cam systems with genlock and remote control for a streamlined workflow.  Get maximum dynamic range and tone, giving a cinematic quality look to finished videos.

Expert Post-Production Services

360Rize processes footage at the highest standards in the industry. We have mastered syncing and stitching of 360 video content. The creative team at 360Rize is ready to deliver the user’s vision’s to audience’s across multiple platforms, including installations, projection domes, social networks, and virtual reality head-mounted displays.

  • Monoscopic and stereoscopic workflow
  • On site dailies (quick stitches)
  • Fine stitching: all takes stitched at the highest industry standards
  • Inclusion of any necessary graphics and text formatted to fit the 360-degree sphere
  • Assembly and creative treatment of final video (color grading, sharpening, transitions, etc.)
  • Platform specific content delivery (Facebook 360, YouTube 360, VR HMDs, dome projection, etc.)


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