Flexible Mini Tripod (Compatible with Live Streaming Mount)

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This flexible tripod that we have included with our 360Penguin camera has proven to be one important accessory for filming in many different situations. It’s always good to have an extra on hand! Easily film from flat surfaces, uneven surfaces, or wrap this tripod around a tree branch or pole to secure the 360Penguin anywhere you’d like!


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Flexible Mini Tripod (Compatible with Live Streaming Mount)


Tripod for on-the-go

This lightweight tripod is the usual accessory for our new 360Penguin camera. Because of the 360Penguin 360 picture taking and film making is easier than ever. We encourage ages from 9 to 99 to try this system out, and this tripod will help tremendously. Being able to mount a camera virtually anywhere is a big plus to filming.

Stable filming anywhere

The flexible legs make it easy to wrap around any surface, or set on top of a flat surface. Wrap the legs around a tree branch, pole, railing, fence, chair, almost anywhere!  The tripod measures 6″ in height. the universal 1/4-20 adapts to the penguin as well as many other camera systems. Weight of the unit is only 1.5 ounces! The articulating ball head makes it easy for users to angle the camera attached to the desired focal point. The rubber grip points to each leg helps secure the flat surface mount option.

Accessorize your cameras

This accessory is a must-have for your collection of small action cameras. Never miss a shot because of difficulty positioning your camera !


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Weight 1.5 oz