360RIZE Pro7 Holder Kit for GoPro™ HERO4/3+/3


This kit gives the 360Rize Pro7 v2 compatibility with the GoPro™ Hero4 and Hero3 Series Cameras. The kit includes all of the pieces and tools needed to build this product to support the GoPro™ Hero4 and Hero3 Series Cameras.

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Easy Upgrade Holder for GoPro™ HERO4 with Timecode Systems SyncBAC

The 360Rize TCS Pro7 Holder Kit Assembly is a vital piece from our Plug-n-Play™ product line designed to support the GoPro™ Hero4 series cameras for filming 360° virtual reality video content. Newest technology by Timecode Systems SyncBac™ PRO offers frame accurate timecode, producing a timecode MP4 file at source.  The SyncBac™ PRO considerably streamlines post production workflow. In addition, the SyncBac™ PRO extends battery life of the GoPro™ Hero 4 series camera by quite a bit. The newest holder secures Timecode Systems SyncBac™ PRO with the GoPro™ Hero 4 series cameras securely in our new holder assembly to enable stable content capture wirelessly. As a result of the modular design of our v2 360Plug-n-Play™ line, users will never need to purchase an new rig to update to the latest camera technology. For this purpose, this camera holder is designed to replace the holders that come stock on our rigs. This holder is compatible with the GoPro™ Hero4 silver, and Hero4 black cameras.

Design In Mind

360Rize TCS Pro7 holder kit assembly includes all the pieces and tools needed to build our modular 360 Plug-n-Play™ rig.  Simply attach holders to one of our durable aluminum core pieces. Furthermore, users can also easily update one of our existing modular rigs. First, users can easily remove the screw that fastens each holder assembly to the rig using an allen key tool. Second, users can then remove the original holder from the rig’s center core. Users can then attach these new camera holder assemblies onto the core in their place. From there, users are free to change the older camera holder assemblies for the hero 3 and 4  cameras.  Therefore new camera holder assemblies that support the Hero4 cameras and the SyncBac take their place. The hinged camera arm design allows easy access to all ports on the camera.

Pieces Included

Ultimately, this holder is a great replacement part. Included in this package are the holder and screw.  The complete holder kits available on https://shop.360rize.com/ come with the allen key tool.

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Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in

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