360Penguin All Accessories Bundle

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GET ALL ACCESSORIES PLUS the 360PENGUIN.  Now you have everything you need to create and capture in 360.   Included with the 360Penguin is the Action Mount Accessory, and the Live-streaming adapter to provide endless power to the Penguin.


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360Penguin All Accessories Bundle

360Penguin Special Bundle Deal

Act Fast! For a limited time 360Rize is making the new 360Penguin available in a bundle with BOTH of its mounting solutions! The 360Penguin is undoubtedly the easiest to use, most family-friendly 360 camera on the planet currently. With a one-button control, the 360Penguin is designed for all ages to capture any moment in its entirety. Never again fight to get everything you want in your photo or video. The camera captures everything “All Around You ™” 

Action Camera Mounting Solution

Additionally, be sure you have everything you need to ensure that you can place the 360Penguin in any environment. Many of the most raved about action cameras come with a special three prong mounting attachment. Universal mounting solutions for helmet mounting, handlebar mounting, or body mounting utilize this 3 prong system. 360Rize has made sure that if you own these mounting solutions already, the 360Penguin is compatible with them. Therefore, mount the 360Penguin to any action camera mount you may have already. 

Live-Stream Mount Solution

Have you been a victim to your action cameras short battery life? 360Rize has solved this issue for the 360Penguin as well. For example, using the 360Penguin Live-stream mount, the 360Penguin can film non-stop footage without ever worrying about battery life.  By using this mounting solution,  gain access to the bottom USB-C charging port. Connecting the charging cable to the charging port while filming allows users to film continuously. Even while the user has access to the charging port, a tripod can still be attached to the bottom of the Livestream mount.

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