360Orb Center Core


360Orb Center core for building a 360Orb (24 camera) 360 video rig –  Durable anodized aluminum core with 24 ports for 360RIZE modular camera holder assemblies for GoPro™ Hero3, Hero4 and Hero5/6  models. Also, the result output captured with this configuration is as high as 24,000 by 12,000 pixels.

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360Orb Center Core

Anodized aluminum 360Orb Center Core 24 for building a 360Orb v2 (24-camera)  360° video rig

Modular Design

360RIZE 360° Plug-n-Play™ models are the first modular design for 360 video rigs. Because of our founders patented designs, this affordable approach ultimately has our content creators in mind.  To complete one 360 Plug-n-Play™ design, you only need to match our anodized core in addition to our holders .  Thus, all that is needed for the complete assembly of the 360Orb is  this Center Core 24 and 24 of our  Holder Assembly pieces. This design allows many different camera positioning options.  Furthermore, allows users an easy upgrade option.

Modular Assembly

360RIZE Center Cores are notably the most critical piece of our patented 360° video rigs. The rigs built with this featured core piece is designed for GoPro™ cameras. As a result of design, the Center Core piece features ports for mounting multiple Holder Assembly pieces. (sold separately). The core piece arranges the cameras in a spherical array using the 360Orb design. Our  360Orb core is specifically designed for our holders. 360Orb Core holds 24 of the same cameras . Cameras that work with this design include the Hero3, Hero4, Hero4 Black, Hero5 Black, or Hero 6 Black Cameras systems from GoPro™. The modular assembly positions cameras in a patented 360RIZE video camera array. Moreover this array is important to provide high definition 360° video content. This core is also compatible with our Bullet360 series, and Timecode SyncBac™ Pro Holder .

Holder Accessory

In a timely manner, our in-house design team creates our most current holder. For each featured camera system, we uniquely design each holder accessory carefully.  For example, the H5 Holder  was created  immediately after the GoPro™Hero5 camera arrived in the market place.  To keep up with ever-changing camera system technology, we continually update our holders. For all these reasons 360Rize takes pride in our durable holder designs for the best high resolution cameras available.

High Resolution Content

360Rize strives to create modular systems that capture high resolution photo and video content.  The 360Rize 360 Plug-n-Play™ design supports camera systems that create footage results that truly surpass our competition. The close-proximity of each camera in the 360Orb configuration offers a high degree of frame overlap for each camera’s FOV (field of view). This means objects and subject matter can be very close (within 2-3 feet) to the unit while filming in comparison to other models without creating distortion or parallax issues during the stitching process. Also, the result output captured with this configuration is as high as 24,000 by 12,000 pixels.

Weight48 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in

Compatibility: This center core is compatible with the following 360RIZE 360 video rig components: Basic Camera Holder, Bullet360 Camera Holder and the Basic Camera Holder for the GoPro™ Hero5

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