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April Showers of Savings

April Showers of Savings at 360Rize

April showers bring hours and hours of savings here at 360Rize! There is just a sense of joy when the end of the long winters in our area of NY are in sight. The birds start chirping, the sun starts peeking through the clouds, and all of us here at 360Rize get excited!  With the pleasing weather comes a sense of a new beginning. Sometimes the spring can bring the ambition to seek adventure. As the world grows back to a gorgeous green scenery with the possibilities of exploration everywhere you turn, wouldn’t you want to capture the experience? 360Rize is constantly making it easier and easier to purchase 360 gear that captures the highest resolutions possible in 360° footage.


Use the coupon code: AprilShowers-2018 for 10% off your entire order of 360 gear the whole month of April!!!

“Spring breathes new life into the world around us.” 

360Rize CEO Michael Kintner came up with the idea of capturing the world “All Around You™”.  It is the same wise man that came up with living  “Life Without Edges™”. Another unknown wise man once said  “Spring breathes new life into the world around us.” 360Rize believes that both of these men were on to something. A large percentage of our producers all over the world capture clear beautiful footage of the world around them. Most of the footage is taken outdoors or underwater. Sometimes its footage intended for educational purposes. Other times footage is captured to document an experience the content creator had that they never want to forget. How do you do that? Dont worry, its not hard! 360Rize has made it very affordable to capture 360 footage also!

Spring into 360

The time has come to do some spring cleaning here in the office. For the entire month of April, 360Rize has a coupon offer going on for all of our 360 Gear! For Example, Excluding underwater gear, enter in the code AprilShowers-2018 and receive 10% off of your total purchase of any one of our rigs! Enter in the coupon at check out and watch the savings shower down upon you!