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Who doesn’t love being #tagged? As 360Rize continues to make 360 content capture possible for all environments for all content creators, we always hope that our baby writes home every once in a while! You can imagine our delight when we see footage taken with our rigs, or see a shot of our rigs at work! If any shoot calls for a 360 rig to withstand the elements, 360Rize has ya covered. When content creators need a rig to capture a crazy car ride, 360Rize has ya covered.  If you want to capture the solitude of the countryside, 360Rize has ya covered also! With video producers all over the world utilizing our gear, we love to see what they are capturing! We also love to feature some of their work every once in a while as a thank you for sharing their craft!

Meet our Featured Content Creator

Frédéric Brassard understands creativity and the world of 360 Virtual Reality.  Producers from around the World use 360Rize gear in the most amazing places.  Here we go again with some amazing images from a Producer who use 360Rize Video Gear. Check out the highlights below from Frédéric Brassard at http://www.frederic-brassard.fr/

Setting for 360

The picture shown below are featured pictures at the Racecourse De Lyon located in France. Racecourse De Lyon features two different tracks. The first one is Hippodromes (racetrack) de Parilly, and the second is Hippodrome (racetrack) du Carré de Soie. In the upcoming months, these two tracks will be featuring some special events that include the sport of horse racing. Also available between these two venues are additional amenities. Available are fine dining, special car tours of the grounds, chances to meet and greet the coaches and jockeys, and comfortable lounging areas to relax after a long stressful day.

360 Viewpoints

Frédéric Brassard has chosen this particular place to film immersive 360 content for all to enjoy. He will be capturing a whole documented view of the training involved to prepare for the upcoming events at Racecourse De Lyon . A jockey will be featured and shadowed during the training sessions leading to the race.  Frederic will capture three different 360 view videos on the day of the race. Frédéric will be capturing the view of the jockey by being securely mounting our camera system on the jockeys helmet. Another view will be from the car that starts and follows the horses during the race. Finally, the third point of 360 footage will be captured from the same view as the general public that is in attendance for the event. Frédéric Brassard  is making it possible for anyone in the world to experience horse racing, in France!

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This is just an awesome example of why filming “all around you” is what drives 360Rize. Even today, we are the industry’s leader in designing rigs that are capable of high resolution content capture. Check us out on https://shop.360rize.com and join the fun!  Check out some of our latest sales!!  and….. don’t forget to share your 360 experience with us!