Summer Sale 2018 at 360Rize

Hello Summer Sale!

Where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday that all of us here at 360Rize were celebrating the new year! However, we are literally half way through the 2018 year already! It just doesn’t seem possible! On a good note, the spring weather is bringing good vibes and beauty to the outside world around us.  All of these events are just waiting to be captured in 360. That’s why 360Rize is giving not one, not two, but three sizzling hot summer sale coupons for our 2018 summer sale! 360Rize is eager to see more footage  captured with our equipment! Summer savings are here for all of you 360 fanatics!


Big Product Savings                                                        

There’s no denying that our 360 Plug-n-Play Video Rigs for GoPro™ Hero3, 3+, 4, 5 and 6 cameras have been popular in the past. However, a more affordable option for using action cameras in a spherical orientation include our design for  YI Technology 4K and 4K+ cameras.   Furthermore, we have the best multi camera syncing options using Timecode Systems. Last but not least, we also have options available to capture the cinematic quality of the Blackmagic  4K Cameras in 360 as well. For the sake of spreading the love of capturing 360 footage using all of this great 360Rize gear, we have decided to give out coupon code summer-sale-18 for 10% off all of our modular designs.


Use coupon code summer-sale-18 for 10% off of our 360 arrays! 

Use Coupon Code free-ship-2018-ground for free ground shipping in the US!

Use Coupon Code indeep-360 for $300 off of our 360SeaDAK!                                                                         

Big Splash Savings

Them hot summer days are enough to make anyone want to take a swim. Why should the content capture stop there!? 360Rize has a great two-camera system for recreational diving! Its now easier than ever to get the gear to film clear beautiful 360 footage underwater! We have received some great shots from different places, and are craving more! Film depths of up to 130 meters  with the 360SeaDAK! Just by using the coupon indeep-360 users can save $300 off of any of our 360SeaDAK kits! The time is now to use these great savings to film the “fishies in the deep blue sea” or any underwater wonder!

Big Shipping Savings

The summer savings just keep on coming and coming! Not only are we giving great savings on products, we are also offering FREE GROUND SHIPPING to anyone in the US! Yes that’s right! From sea to shining sea, anyone in the United States can take advantage of free ground shipping on their order! As you to do a little bit of web surfing on our site, use Coupon Code free-ship-2018-ground  and watch the free ship option appear as you check out! Therefore if its ground, we’ve got ya covered!

Answers anytime

If you are just thinking about starting your 360 journey, rest assured that 360Rize is always here to help! For example, If you have any questions about our gear, how it works, or post production, don’t sweat it, we love to educate! Our website and YouTube page is just full of information to help you get started! Visit some great footage that has been featured on our site already to give you some awesome ideas where 360 video can be captured! Also, when you capture your footage, don’t be shy, share your 360 story with us! Its a simple as signing up and submitting your 360 video! The time has never been better, or easier to take part in the 360 fun! Dont forget to use your sizzling summer savings coupons before summer ends!

 Use Coupon Code summer-sale-18 for 10% off of our 360 arrays!

Use Coupon Code free-ship-2018-ground for free ground shipping in the US!

Use Coupon Code indeep-360 for $300 off of our 360SeaDAK

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