Evolution of 360 Virtual Reality by 360Rize

Evolution of the 360 Camera

A picture is worth a thousand words

It is our human nature to want to capture our life experiences, share them with others, and keep them dear to us to tell our story in the future. Furthermore leaving behind the story captured for generations to come. Messages chiseled in stone, hieroglyphics, paintings, memoirs and early illustrations were just the start of the bridge of communication between storytellers in different centuries. Thank goodness they communicated somehow! As a result, we have learned so much from the past and built our society on its foundation. As man made advancements in their story telling capabilities, the camera came to be.

You’ve Come Along Way Baby!


Cameras were a great advancement in documentation of early milestones of mankind. Cameras captured early significant events in history, but only focused on a limited area of view.  Early cameras proved to be difficult to transport. Therefore we still had a lot of room to improve this great invention. Although the use of 360 cameras are still viewed as somewhat of a cutting edge and current technology, the notion to capture 360 picture has been noted as an idea that came about in the late 1800’s. Even back then, there was a hunger to photograph not just part of, but all of a horizon. Expanding on what a camera could be capable of became a passion for all who studied the art of photography. Panoramic photography was born. Eventually the use of panoramic view then brought on the urge to capture full 360. Folks, after that, the rest is history!

Photo compliments of  Suzanne Neace Photography

Reinventing the reel

Thanks to progress made in developing better camera systems, users could capture the stories they wanted to tell a bit better . Producers could elaborate on a feeling or story they wanted to tell. Pretty soon, we would have to figure out how to view the content once it was created. Around the same time, Virtual reality became a big thing. Virtual reality was the ability to submerge yourself in a digitally created environment. The viewing platforms that made VR interaction possible also made it possible to view actual content captured with 360 cameras. As 360 viewing options became more accessible, the wildfire of interest in capturing 360 content to share spread throughout the world faster than anyone could’ve foreseen.

360Rize Content How To Video

What can be done with 360 footage?

Even today, the question still arises, “what can 360 footage be used for? There is so much that 360 footage is already doing for our world. Some of the top reasons that 360Rize has found are as follows: Education, what better way to educate individuals on a particular topic than totally immersing them in the situation? Often times learning experiences are better grasped by visual and hands on learning as opposed to old fashioned reading books or instruction on the topic. Marketing, pretty similar to education, but also with the goal of promoting a specific product or service. Marketing in 360 is a cutting edge approach that has proven to intrigue the potential buyer more so than the traditional 2D flat approach.