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Cinematic Virtual Reality with 360Helios series

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360RIZE 360Helios 360° Plug-n-Play Rig for Blackmagic

Cinematic Quality in 360°

The Cinematic Quality 360Helios series.  The 360Helios systems are our line of  rigs for capture of cinematic quality 360° content. Using Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Cameras for 360° capture results in richer color and dynamic range. The content quality is noticeably clearer in comparison to other solutions. The 360Helios footage surpasses typical 360 video content.   Positioning up to 8 Blackmagic Design cameras for spherical capture is quite manageable. Both Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera 2Ks or 4Ks are compatible with this easy to use design. Content creators can experiment with the lens of their choice. Our 360Helios holders position lenses as close to the nodal center of the rig as physically possible.

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Possible Configurations

360Helios 6 Can be configured as a 4, 5 or 6 360 camera rig

360Helios 7 Can be configured as a 5, 6, or 7 360 camera rig

360Helios 8 Can be configured as a 6, 7, or 8 360 camera rig

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Variable Camera Orientation

By the way, users can position cameras in a landscape or portrait placement. Users have the freedom to position where they choose to align the frame overlap. Cameras in landscape orientation are better for shots where key subjects will be closer to the rig’s horizon. Cameras in portrait orientation are better for shots where key subjects will be closer to the top of the rig.  In this situation, the tripod/ mounting solution has a wide base. It will  need to be removed from the shot during the stitching process. The cameras fit both portrait and landscape of each holder mounting plate and they connect via the back-plate where the battery would typically connect to the camera.

Key Features

360Helios set up allows access to all camera ports. For example, the 3.5mm audio in, HDMI out, SD card recorder, and the expansion port. As a result, users can easily access charging ports for external power,or create custom remote control and monitoring solutions. Using the break away cable included with the cameras, users can have access to many of the cameras unique functions. The Blackmagic camera features a built-in RAW and ProRes recorder. This results in a  more finite control over the quality of your finished production.  Camera assembly is easy. Each camera easily slides onto each back plate on our rig and  locks on securely. The Blackmagic camera features an adjustable shutter angle for controlling exposure.

Post Production

Footage filmed with 360Helios 360 video rigs can be stitched and edited with the standard stitching solutions currently on the market. For instance, Kolor, VideoStitch and CARA VR. Media captured with Blackmagic Design cameras can be organized and ingested using 360RIZE 360CamMan VR media management software.

Lens Recommendation

The lens you choose depends on the type of filming you wish to accomplish.  We currently recommend the lens from http://www.izugar.com/.  You can also research a lens from this location as well:  http://www.dzoptics.com/en/vrca-fish-eye-lens.

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