360Rize at NAB 2018 LasVegas

360Rize was NAB Bound!

Spring NAB SHOW in Las Vegas

The wait for warm weather is over for our CEO Michael Kintner! In less than a week he will be boarding a plane bound for Las Vegas to take part in the Spring NAB Show! The NAB Show is known as the ultimate event for the media, entertainment and technology industry. This thrilling showcase is otherwise known as the M.E.T. Effect!  360Rize has been one of the most well known names in the Virtual Reality department for years.  As all of us here at 360Rize prepare for this coming weeks events, we urge all that plan to attend to pay close attention to what we will be doing next! Mr. Kintner, as in past years, is scheduled to reveal his latest advancements. Furthermore, he will be revealing new technology that is sure to wow marketing strategies for consumers and manufacturers alike!

What is the NAB Show?

NAB showcases ground-breaking advancements and powerful solutions created by professionals for professionals in the MET industry.  The NAB Show contains wall to wall innovators eager to share their ideas and newest solutions to previously known obstacles or issues in the media field.  To say the least, this is a perfect way for an aspiring  content creators to learn about all of the tech that is a reality at this point! Solutions include different ways to not only create, but also manage, deliver and monetize content gathered on multiple platforms.  To give you an idea of how exciting this show can be, just imagine 1 million square foot of new technology on display! It literally takes days to see it all! From April 9th to the 12th, 360Rize will be present!

360Rize Announcement for NAB

As always, 360Rize has been coming up wit new and improved ways to film the best high resolution 360 degree content. As a result, we have been credited for our design of rigs that accommodate the industrys best 4K cameras. The Camera systems that we design make it possible for a content creator to capture 360 footage unsurpassed by our competitors. On Tuesday April 10th, Michael is scheduled to talk more about Immersive Production Workflow and camera Tech on NAB Live Broadcast.  The NAB Live Broadcast will take place in the Center Hall Grand Lobby between 10:00 and 10:30. Nevertheless, we cant wait to tell the world what else we have been developing! 360Rize is now in the AR Business! 360Rize believes after all that Augmented Reality is the marketing tool of the future!

Our New 5.7K 360 Video Camera called the 360 Penguin

360Rize is excited to annouce it’s newest product line called the “360 Penguin”   This easy to use little beauty has consumer friendly written all over it, including its price!  One easy push button control for Power, 360 Video or 360 Photo with resolutions as high as 24 mega pixels 360 photos and 5.7K 360 video.  

The IOS/Android mobile app allows the users to easily stream to Facebook 360 and YouTube 360.  Local storage on the camera via micro SD or downloadable to your mobile device and provides simple on board 360 stitching in two formats of stitched and un-stitched video.

The 360 Penguin has got it all together when it comes to ease of use and consumer friendly with many options of the professional 360 camera but at a price that’s “Chillin All Around You!” path to make it all happen at a friendly consumer price of $199.95.

Our Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality is the ability of overlaying a virtual object over a real life situation.  This results in the viewer perceiving the virtual object interacting in a real life situation.  AR Based Apps have made this possible. We at 360Rize have developed our own App called Lively Labels! Michael Kintner will be presenting Lively Labels at NAB this year. Furthermore, he will discuss how AR will be the best tool to help marketing almost effortlessly for manufacturers. The NAB Live broadcast for Augmented Reality will be live April 11th from 10:30 – 11:00 am.

We just want to Celebrate

We have come so far and had the pleasure with working with so many content creators in the past. 360Rize remembers how far we cave come, and are excited for the road ahead. In the meantime, take 15% off of any purchase of our 360 Plug-n-Play™ holders by using the coupon code NABBLAST-2018. Hope to see at the show!!