Kodak Camera


The Kodak Camera, SP360 4K VR Camera to be exact, is a great high resolution camera. 360Rize has selected this specific camera to take your 360 VR videos works with the Underwater SeaDAK 360. The 360SeaDAK housing is specifically designed to secure two of these wonderful Kodak 4K camera. Cameras positioned back to back enable full 360 capture  a nice overlap. Furthermore, users will have clean seamless footage after post production work is done. The SeaDAK is our first two camera system for underwater. We are in awe of the footage it is capable of capturing! As a result of this, we have to give credit to the amazing camera systems we get to work with. The Kodak SP360 4K VR Camera with our SeaDAK is the most wonderful 360 underwater rig.

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