360 for Bullet

The Bullet360 Control Board System for 360 Video Rigs. The Bullet360 control board system allows users to simultaneously control multiple GoPro™ cameras in a 360 video rig. This includes remotely turning all cameras on/off simultaneously, simultaneous push-button start/stop recording for all cameras and an automatically triggered buzzer to aid in audio syncing 360 footage. When filming with multiple GoPro™ cameras at 120 frames per second (FPS), the Bullet360 board system provides a sync within +/- 5 frames. This offers a more reliable and consistent camera syncing solution than wireless remotes relying on Wi-Fi. Triggering the Bullet360 wired remote switch not only turns cameras on/off and starts/stops recording, it also triggers a buzzer to provide an audio sync These tools solve the critical workflow challenge of operating multiple cameras on set and achieving a close frame sync required to stitch quality 360 video content.

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