360Penguin 5.7K, 4K Video, 24 Mega-Pixel Photos, 360 Live Streaming Made Fun and Easy!

Everyone of all ages can now create stunning high quality 5.7K, 4K 360 video, 24M 360 photos, easily edit, live stream to Facebook and YouTube and share everything that’s “All Around You™!”

The 360Rize technology developed inside the Penguin handles all the 360-video work flow to produce stunning 6K 360 video, 24-megapixel photos and last over an hour in filming on one charge.

Live stream, 360 videos to Facebook or YouTube and if 1 hour isn’t long enough then direct access via the USB-C port for unlimited power to film endlessly.

You can also remote control the camera via WIFI and your smart phone, either on IOS or Android. Once connected you again access to many other power features like 24 mega pixel time lapses, view live 360 from the camera, so you can look around, zoom in and out without ever having to move the camera. You can even take one 360 photo and frame them into multiple traditional photos, so you never miss cutting something out of the picture again.

Quick Access to our users guide: 360Rize 360Penguin Specifications Document 20180904

Ages 9-99, designed and intended for the whole family to use! We leave no one out of the 360 fun, from the beginner to the professional we are here to help!​

Either IOS or Android phones can be connected via WIFI to remote control the camera and gain access to many other powerful sharing and live streaming features.  On the mobile device you can see everything happening in real-time.

Yes, from the one button interface you can take 6K 360 video and 24 mega-pixel photos.  Just need to understand how the lights on the Penguin tells you whats happening.

Yes, its designed to be used by to used by all ages no matter how old or young you are.  The simple one button control makes it easy to run without a mobile device and even easier once connected to see all the fancy ways to share and live stream 360 content.

Why Our Consumer 360 Video Gear Rocks!


Over 20 years experience we have figured out how to make 360 easy for all ages. We worked with all age groups and valued their input.


We understand changing technology is expensive however it doesn’t have to be if you build your products taking the future into consideration,


Ease of use is the key to opening up the 360 market to everyone.  Years of experience tells us how we can help everyone to get involved.

For the professionals You can now do 8K 360 Video at 240fps

Now supporting 8K 360 Video at 240fps

Advanced HD 360 Video at 240fps at 8K HEVC (H.265) 360 Video as 8,192 x 4,096 pixels using the 360Rize Pro10 with GoPro Hero6 Cameras

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360Rize Yi rigs image 1 used by 360Rize

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