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SyncBac™ PRO

SyncBac™ PRO

SyncBac™ PRO

Note each Hero4 camera will need a SyncBac™ unit

(Hero4 & Pulse not included)
Our Price: $269.00


Description Technical Specs Extended Information
The SyncBac™ PRO is a wireless, embedded, timecode sync solution for GoPro™ HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Simply clip it to the back of the GoPro™ to enable the camera to generate frame-accurate timecode, producing a timecoded MP4 file at source. This creates the capability to wirelessly timecode sync multiple GoPro's™ (for example, in a SyncBac VR rig), and GoPro's™ with pro cameras and pro audio devices over Timecode Systems long-range BLINK RF network. Does not include Cameras or holder. Single item only
How does it work?
VR compatible: The SyncBac VR multi-camera video holder from 360RIZE is designed to fit a HERO4 Black or Silver camera with a SyncBac PRO™ attached. This allows each camera in a VR rig to generate its own frame-accurate timecode, creating the capability to wirelessly timecode sync every unit over long range RF.
Timecode sync multiple GoPros™: Attach a SyncBac PRO™ to every unit and timecode-sync multiple GoPro™ HERO4 cameras via long range wireless BLINK RF. Simply make one GoPro™ the master unit and timecode sync unlimited GoPro™ slaves.
Save time in postproduction: At the end of filming, the data from each camera is passed to the edit team containing files stamped with the same embedded timecode. This allows all media to be easily dropped into the edit timeline and automatically aligned for a swift and efficient edit.
Remote camera control:By connecting the SyncBac PRO™ to the free BLINK Hub app via a Timecode Systems :pulse, production teams can remotely control, monitor and get real-time feedback on status and settings for multiple GoPros™ in a SyncBac VR rig from any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet or Mac.

• Real-time access to a production dashboard displaying every Timecode Systems camera and sound unit on a rig. This includes GoPro™ with SyncBac™ PRO.
• Access the app from any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, or Mac computer over Wi-Fi, or through a wired Ethernet connection into the :pulse.
• Centrally timecode sync video and audio timecode and metadata in complex multicamera set-ups. Including rigs with multiple GoPro™.
• Remote record start/stop and control multiple GoPro™ centrally from a computer, tablet or smartphone. See our video tutorial.
• Maximize battery life of gear-mounted GoPro™ by using remote camera control, status and monitoring functionality.
• Creates an MP4 file embedded with frame accurate timecode at source.
• Upload into Apple Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere PRO.
• Use the MP4 file or transcode to Apple ProRes – the timecode remains stable.

Our Price: $1,195.00


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